In Cambodia, the lack of safe drinking water poses a serious threat to the lives of millions. Rapid growth of population and climate change have worsened the water shortage crisis every year. According to the health report, unsafe water has been one of main causes of mortality among children under five years old in Cambodia. In some areas, the situation is extremely dire. They have to walk at least one kilometer on daily basis to collect water, which is deemed unsafe for consumption. Kompong Speu has been one of the most affected provinces. To help improve the situation, in our recent project, we went to help one of the very poor communes called Veal Pong of Kampong Speu province. There are several reasons why we chose Kompong Speu province:

1. It’s one of the poorest provinces.
2. It’s one of the most affected provinces by drought.
3. Due to its geographic location, it’s inaccessible to the main water supply source, the Mekong River.

Located 45 kilometers southwest of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, Kampong Speu is the 12th largest province covering over 7,017 square kilometers. It has the 8th largest population with closest to 598,882 people over 89 communes and more than 1,319 villages. Currently, many areas in Kampong Speu are in an urgent need for clean and safe water. Our team of engineers went to evaluate the situations in many areas in the province, and we decided that Veal Pong commune of Uddong is the most critical and in need for immediate assistance. Veal Pong is in Uddong district and has 27 villages. It is about 55 Km from Phnom Penh. Veal Pong commune has population of 12,536 in which 6351 females and 414 widows. The majority of the populations in the area have almost no access to safe drinking water. A number of wells have been built by CODEGAZ, a humanitarian organization, and UNICEF in 1980s. However, they are no longer operational due to old age and the lack of care and proper maintenance.


The goal of the project is to help save lives by preventing the loss of lives. Poor access to water leads to many health problems and a hindrance to socio-economic developments. This proposed project will have immediate impact on thousands of lives in Veal Pong commune. It will improve their living conditions considerably because of the far-reaching financial and economic impact of safe drinking water. Clean and safe drinking water will help prevent the loss lives and the loss of the much needed labor forces caused by the consumption of and unclean and unsafe water. We propose a long-term solution by bringing sustainable safe drinking water sources to the community. We’ll build pump wells and ponds accessible by the people in the community in order to relieve their water shortage problem. Once completed, the new water sources will serve approximately 12,000 people in the area throughout the year.


One of the most effective measures against water shortage problem is the construction of pump wells. Due to the tropical climate, sources of ground water are abundant in Cambodia. After doing some researches and consulting with the commune councils, we concluded that the community will need pump wells and ponds that will serve as reservoirs for the community use. Construction of new pump wells, excavation of new ponds and dredging of old ponds will be required.


We successfully built 3 wells and donated them to the commune.




After finishing the water project at Pong Teuk, we met by chance around there, Dan, Friends Help Freinds charity leader. This charity help to provide English class to poor children in the villages. At that time there are about 100 students. There are 5 volunteers teachers.

Since then our friends, in the name of Techno Charity started to share something for them such as books, notebooks, clothes, pens, pencils, etc. Then we ask Dan about what he needs from us and we prepare the next visit.


Our visit Friends Help Friends Charity at Kampong Speu on sunday, 3rd june 2007.


Our friend, Sary, gave book and pencils to students


All students at FHF


Students at FHF in class

In 2008, we went to visit the charity once again. This time number of students increase 3 times compare to our 1st visit. The total of students in the charity is over 300. Dan said he has to divide students in 3 group. Group in the morning and in the afternoon are for small children and English language students. At night is for students preparing to get baccalaureate.

This time what Techno Charity brought to them many thing more than last time. We had study materials, clothes for students and teacher, bicycle and candy. We did not only gave something to them but we also share about experience of study at university and our experience in work.


FHF logo (Photo by Monida)


1/3 students of FHF, our donation and our friends (Photo by Sethy)


Donate bicycle to a little girl who will go to school very far from home (Photo by Sethy)


Donate gift to outstanding student (Photo by Sethy)


FHF library (Photo by Vichet)


This little boy speak english very good. He made conversation with us about experience of study, life and many thing. We are very proud of him. (Photo by Monida)


Our friends explained the students about how to pass the university exam.

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